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Enfuce partners with Compensate to help consumers cut and compensate for their CO2 emissions

Source: Enfuce

Enfuce, one of Europe’s leading fintechs, has partnered with Compensate, a Finnish non-profit combating climate change by offering everyone easy access to carbon capture, to enable My Carbon Action users to compensate for the carbon footprint of each purchase.

“Absolute reductions in CO2 emissions is the key to saving the world. We’re extremely happy to work with Compensate because they strive to change things for the better. Now, with My Carbon Action, users can avoid creating CO2 emissions, reduce their emissions and compensate for them”, says Monika Liikamaa, CEO & Co-Founder at Enfuce.

Launched by Enfuce in 2019, My Carbon Action is a digital tool that allows banks, fintechs, financial institutions and merchants to instantly calculate the carbon footprint of individual transactions their customers make.

It's a turnkey solution based on a country-specific data model, and it can be enhanced with effortless, user-engaging questions regarding lifestyle and consumption behaviour. Furthermore, My Carbon Action provides users with personalised tips on how to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

With this partnership, it is now possible to also compensate (i.e. offset) for the carbon footprint of each purchase with My Carbon Action.

There are a couple of ways end-users can seamlessly compensate for their carbon footprint with My Carbon Action. For example, banks can configure the solution to their specific needs. For instance, a consumer can choose to compensate for all their purchases, a percentage of their purchases, select a specific sum for each transaction, or choose a specific purchase they want to compensate for.

As another example, if a merchant integrates My Carbon Action to their eCommerce platform, its customers can compensate for their purchase when paying for it.

“Consumers want to take action for their climate impact and compensate for their everyday purchases, but turning compensation into a habit requires solutions that are reliable, transparent and easy to use”, says Elina Kajosaari, CEO at Compensate.

Compensate takes pride in transparency and the quality of their carbon capture projects. Their project portfolio relies on rigorous scientific selection criteria and thorough review processes to maximise the climate impact of the compensation funds collected. Enfuce customers will also access a monthly overview detailing which projects their money has been invested in.

My Carbon Action customers can add the compensation feature, developed by Compensate, to My Carbon Action as an add-on.

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