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ZA Bank opens salary advance product for applications

Source: ZA Bank

Hong Kong’s No.1 virtual bank1 ZA Bank today announced that “Salary FastPass” is now open for applications from all 4,000,000 employed persons in Hong Kong.

Successful applicants will be exempted from handling fees for one year. Starting from today, every eligible worker in Hong Kong will have a chance to get paid 7 days early with zero interests.

“Salary FastPass” is Asia’s first interest-free early payday product that allows users to get their monthly payroll 7 days in advance. It seeks to redefine payroll experiences with 3 key features:
• Self-selected “ZA Payday”: On a date of their choosing, users can receive their monthly salary up to 7 days earlier than the original payday. This enables them to bid farewell to the passive way of getting paid and stay ahead of others.
• Interest-free early payday: No interest fees will be charged within 7 days from the ZA Payday. After the 7-day period, as the users maintain a sufficient balance in their ZA Bank savings account for auto debit, they would be able to enjoy early payday with no interest that month5.
• Auto early payroll and repayment with simple flows: Users can complete the application for “Salary FastPass” in the ZA Bank App, without the need to change their payroll bank account. Upon finishing the one-time settings through the App, they are all set to enjoy auto-services for early payroll and repayment every month.

“Salary FastPass” had previously entered beta testing with ZA Bank’s staff, their family and friends, as well as selected users. Meanwhile, over 8,500 users had registered on the waitlist to enjoy a personalised payroll experience before others.

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