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Chainalysis acquires Excygent

Source: Chainalysis

Today we’re announcing that Chainalysis has acquired Excygent, a specialized professional services firm that assists government agencies with cybercrime investigations, data processing, and lead generation.

Chainalysis has collaborated with the Excygent team to support government agencies in investigating several high-profile cyber cases, including the disruption of two terrorism financing campaigns, the seizure of more than $1 billion in cryptocurrency connected to the darknet market Silk Road, the shutdown of the largest child abuse site, and the Twitter hack that compromised approximately 130 Twitter accounts pertaining to politicians, business leaders, and celebrities.

Through that work, I’ve seen first hand that the Excygent team brings deep expertise in cryptocurrency and cybercrime investigations. I am thrilled to welcome them to our growing Investigations and Special Programs team, which provides lead generation, blockchain data analysis, and investigative support to government agencies.

With the growing severity of cybercrime, and particularly the rise of ransomware, the expertise that Excygent has developed has never been more important. The rapid adoption of cryptocurrency - especially over the past year - has rightfully brought new attention to how this asset class should be regulated and how to prevent bad actors from abusing it. Together, Excygent and Chainalysis demonstrate that cryptocurrency is transparent, and with the right tools and the right talent, we can build a financial system with more freedom and less risk.

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