Ex-SEB and RBS bankers join DLT-based RegTech startup ALT/AVE

Source: ALT/AVE

Brian Guckian, ex-SEB, and Andrew Taylor, ex-RBS, have joined ALT/AVE, the London-based RegTech startup that is using distributed ledger technology to securely communicate with customers.

Brian Guckian is a veteran investment banker and brings over 25 years’ experience to the table as he joins ALT/AVE’s board - which is chaired by Phil Shelley, formerly of Goldman Sachs and Barclays. In a career dating back to the 90s, Brian worked at SEB, rising to head of equities. Currently, Guckian is involved with numerous startups through his work at Appital and advisory positions, as well as being an investor in a range of startups. His specialisms include business development and fundraising, both of which he looks forward to bringing to ALT/AVE.

On joining the board, Guckian commented: “How information is shared, in a secure and regulatory compliant way, is a recurring and ever present issue in modern business. For too long, large organisations such as banks have been overly reliant on paper because the cost of non-compliance is so high. That is where docStribute fits into the equation: distributed ledger technology, and the use of the Hedera Hashgraph network, means that emissions per document are minimal, and the user is protected from a cybersecurity perspective. The ALT/AVE team have built an outstanding product, and one which I am only all too keen to help elevate further, and I am so very pleased to join the team.”

New head of sales Andrew Taylor has worked at RBS and MarketFinance, in a number of sales leadership roles. Andrew started at RBS, where he spent 10 years in a range of positions, before taking the decision to take the leap into the startup world, joining MarketFinance in 2016, a FinTech that specialises in funding solutions for businesses. The past five years have been as Head of Portfolio Management. Having seen the issues with document management first hand in financial services, and adjacent sectors, Andrew is now joining ALT/AVE enthusiastic to apply his experience.

“ALT/AVE is an exciting company with a revolutionary product, which made the decision to join that much easier,” says Andrew Taylor. “I got a real taste for working in the startup environment, having left RBS, and am looking forward to working with the financial services, and adjacent sectors, about the capabilities and uses of docStribute. The product is one which is relied upon already to carry tightly regulated information, and docStribute does this in a way that does not just protect the user, but does so in a way that reduces carbon emissions.”

Through docStribute, users from across sectors can trust they are taking positive action in response to climate change (reducing emissions by using less paper and energy). In addition, docStribute will protect users from a cybersecurity perspective and regulatory compliance is assured by the product’s core features.

ALT/AVE uses distributed ledger technology to provide financial institutions with a durable medium to send regulated documents to their customers. ALT/AVE enables banks and other financial institutions to meet the strict regulatory requirements set out by the Financial Conduct Authority on how these documents must be distributed without relying on paper. The financial services sector is currently estimated to distribute 5.2bn pieces of paper at a cost of £1.7bn a year, equivalent to 2.4 million trees. The technology is now being used in adjacent sectors and internally, within businesses, in addition to confidential customer communications.

“We are delighted to welcome Brian and Andrew to ALT/AVE,” says Chris Ansara, founder and CEO of ALT/AVE. “Brian’s experience is invaluable and his time spent in finance, and latterly technology, will help us reach the next level. Andrew’s track record in high stakes sales environments makes him an invaluable addition to the team as we look to build on a number of wins this year. Brian and Andrew will be central to our continued growth and success into 2022 and we are delighted to have them both aboard.”

Earlier this year, ALT/AVE announced a pre-seed funding round, and the success of the Innovate UK Smart Grant, as well as launching docStribute, which is built on the Hedera Hashgraph network.

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