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VTB's voice assistant is now available in Alisa from Yandex

Source: VTB

The voice assistant "Alisa" from Yandex now has a voice assistant for VTB.

She will be able to tell users about the products, tariffs and the bank’s services, explain loan applications, and also advise how to keep savings profitable.

To use the service, it is enough to tell Alice: “Start the skill” VTB Assistant”. This can be done from the Yandex application on a smartphone or in the “Yandex.Station” smart column. After that, the VTB voice assistant will start in Alice. The user will be able to ask him any question regarding the products and services of the bank.

“One of the most popular voice assistants in our country is Alisa, which has long been a common word among Russians. Today, we are pleased to provide our clients with the opportunity to use it together with VTB services. At this first stage - within the framework of consultations on the products and tariffs of the bank. But along with the development of the VTB Online voice assistant, we will expand the capabilities of Alisa, adding personalized functions for specific users.” commented Nikita Chugunov, Head of the Digital Business Department, VTB Senior Vice President.

The voice assistant appeared in the VTB Online app in February. Since the launch of its services, more than 180 thousand bank clients have used its services, while the virtual assistant answered more than 260 thousand questions. He can advise clients on 1,300 issues - mortgages, cash loans, cards and others. From the end of September, he will be able to help the client order a VTB Mobile SIM card, which the courier will deliver to any convenient address and indicate the convenient delivery time. In addition, users can transfer money by phone number and between their accounts, top up their account for communication services.

In the future, the voice assistant will help VTB Online users buy plane or train tickets, book a hotel room, book a table in a cafe and purchase cinema tickets.

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