ActivIdentity introduces single sign-on for smart cards

Source: ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity Inc. (NASDAQ:ACTI), a global leader in digital identity assurance, today announced SecureLogin Single Sign-On Version 6.0, the industry's first enterprise single sign-on (e-SSO) solution with fully integrated smart card support.

ActivIdentity SecureLogin is setting the industry standard for advanced security, flexible deployment and out-of-the-box application support with additional product enhancements in this latest release.

SecureLogin Single Sign-On enables enterprises to dramatically improve security, lower help desk support costs, deliver improved employee productivity and comply with government regulations.

"With SecureLogin Single Sign-On v6, we are delivering on our promise to create a trusted end-to-end identity assurance solution that unifies the strengths of our market leading e-SSO, secure remote access and enterprise access card offerings," said Jason Hart, chief executive officer for ActivIdentity. "SecureLogin is a cornerstone of our digital identity assurance platform - the only complete platform for the secure issuance, management and use of digital identities."

SecureLogin Single Sign-On is a credential management solution that provides users with a consolidated identity that enables fast and easy access to corporate resources using a single secure login. Authenticated users can quickly access their applications with automated login and credential management, and eliminate the burden of remembering multiple credentials for different applications, or dealing with frustrating password policy. IT organizations build efficiencies by streamlining and applying consistent and secure credential management policy, cutting down on the number of passwords issued to users, and reducing time spent on administration, support and training. SecureLogin supports ActivIdentity's vision of enabling organizations to leverage smart cards and e-SSO to provide stronger internal network and remote access security, link physical and logical security systems and empower users with digital signatures, all from the same secure identity platform.

The newest release of SecureLogin has significant enhancements in the areas of security, application support, deployment flexibility and ease-of- use.

Fully Integrated Smart Card Support - Whereas most other e-SSO solutions only utilize smart cards for authentication to the network, SecureLogin provides customers the option to store application credentials directly on a smart card and utilize an existing PKI infrastructure to encrypt the directory data store.
This can allow for more effective recovery of users' SSO data in a lost card scenario. Through compatibility with ActivClient, ActivIdentity's smart card middleware, SecureLogin is the only e-SSO solution designed for use with the U.S. Department of Defense's Common Access Card. SecureLogin also works with ActivIdentity's AAA server and One Time Password applet to provide secure authentication to virtual private networks and other systems.

Broadest Application Support - SecureLogin automatically detects and SSO-enables more than 70 popular applications out-of-the-box. SecureLogin's powerful application and Web profiling wizards allow companies to easily SSO-enable almost all pre-packaged, Web or in-house applications. For more complex applications requiring multiple login steps, SecureLogin's powerful scripting language provides a robust methodology for customization to specific site requirements.

Flexible Deployment - SecureLogin delivers optimum deployment flexibility by integrating with a customers' existing infrastructure including support for existing directory services, applications, user provisioning systems and authentication methods. SecureLogin utilizes the existing directory identity repositories, such as IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Microsoft Windows Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, Sun Java System Directory Server or other LDAP compliant directories.

Low Deployment Costs/Easy To Use - SecureLogin is server-less; eliminating the need for customers to add additional hardware, new backup procedures or plan for fail over in their IT infrastructure.

Creating New Opportunities for Channel Partners

SecureLogin provides reseller partners the ability to sell high-value services around e-SSO, such as new services for linking physical and logical security, and integration with identity management (IDM) infrastructures.
ActivIdentity provides resellers an end-to-end identity assurance solution that enables them to tightly couple smart card or PKI authentication with e- SSO and physical access solutions to address the strong authentication needs of enterprises and government organizations. ActivIdentity has established middleware plug-ins with all the major IDM vendor suites enabling SecureLogin to use the provisioning, audit, and administration capabilities of those offerings.

"ActivIdentity SecureLogin v6 is a major step forward for the industry. By integrating multi-factor authentication with enterprise single sign-on, ActivIdentity has delivered a set of capabilities that both new and prospective customers are demanding, opening up new opportunities for our business," said George Usi, president and CEO of Sacramento Technology Group, an ActivIdentity reseller. "SecureLogin addresses the desire of both CIO's and CISO's to recognize the enhanced security benefits multi-factor authentication can provide across multiple systems and applications in an economical fashion and without creating additional overhead."

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