SunGard integrates TradeCapture's crude oil and oil coverage with Entegrate

Source: SunGard

SunGard today announced that Entegrate, an end-to-end energy trading and risk management solution for mid-stream and down-stream energy companies, now offers coverage of crude oil and oil products from deal capture through to logistics and settlement.

Entegrate offers trading and risk management for energy commodities including power, gas, oil, coal and emissions and physical operations and logistics for power and gas. The integration of TradeCapture Inc.'s operations and logistics functionality specific to crude oil and products with SunGard's Entegrate now provides corporate risk officers with an aggregated view of their company's global multi-commodity portfolio.

TradeCapture has already been integrated with SunGard's ZaiNet, a trading and risk management solution providing real-time views of enterprise risk across commodities. The benefits of multi-commodity treatment of energy physicals are already being realized by a mutual customer in Italy. These benefits, which include assisting with better management of overall portfolio risk, streamlined operations, reduced transaction costs and the cross-commodity management of physicals, futures, exchange options, OTC, and swaps in a single solution, are now being made available to customers of Entegrate through SunGard's work with TradeCapture Inc. and major global energy companies.

"This partnership between TradeCapture and SunGard offers new choices for customers who want one integrated system for all of their trading needs. It provides a single solution that helps customers to capture, track and manage their global energy transactions," said Vinnie Annunziata, chief executive officer, TradeCapture, Inc.

"The growing success of Entegrate is a result of continuous efforts to help customers gain efficiencies and more effectively manage their risk. TradeCapture enhances Entegrate's depth of coverage of oil and oil product physicals that our customers need for integrated risk management and operations across the full range of energy commodities," said Matt Mandalinci, president of SunGard’s energy solutions business unit.

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