NeXT Replay introduces hosted call recording service

Source: NeXT Replay

Companies confronted with the need to voice record either for FSA compliance or to protect against unreasonable customer claims now have an affordable solution with the launch of NeXT Replay.

The totally outsourced application – mitigating the need for capital outlay – is the ideal solution for financial sector businesses of all sizes. Operating through the existing telephone network, NeXT Replay can be set up remotely within days, enabling users to have full voice recording of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Bob Griffiths, director, NeXT Replay, stated: "For users, the service not only ensures that they meet regulatory obligations under the FSA, but it can also acts as insurance against unscrupulous customer claims. Additionally, NeXT Replay can assist in improving customer service, as well as be used to train and monitor staff and sales campaigns."

Once set up, customers can find and replay calls easily through the NeXT Replay website – selecting them by time period, originated phone numbers or other search criteria. They can be saved to the desktop, emailed or even burnt onto CD for playback in the car!

The NeXT Replay service is provided by routing all calls via Opal Telecom, part of the Carphone Warehouse Group, giving customers the benefits of Opal's investment in advanced voice recording technology. In addition customer's also benefit from NeXT Replay's low call charges.

Customer, Vanquis Bank's production & telecoms manager, Adrian Dorey stated: "NeXT Replay provides us with a different, network-based method of call recording. We access the facility on a pay-per-use basis, cost effectively recording both inbound and outbound calls. We can retrieve the calls on a daily basis, should we need, through a user-friendly web browser interface 24/7, 365 days a year. The additional call cost saving was an unexpected bonus."

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