Reuters signs for Citrix remote access services

Source: Citrix

Increasingly, vigilant organizations are equipping their road warriors with a safer, simpler strategy from Citrix Systems, Inc., (CTXS) the global leader in access infrastructure solutions, to gain secure mobile access to sensitive information with their laptops - or even laptop-free.

With Citrix GoToMyPC remote desktop access, Citrix GoToMeeting online meeting and web conferencing and Citrix GoToAssist remote technical support, these organizations are arming employees with a built-in defense strategy to securely access expertise, run applications and work "virtually" with data from headquarters without the need to store sensitive information on any device.

"The recent wave of news about laptop thefts and personal data security breaches clearly reinforces the security advantage of laptop-free travel and mobility, not to mention sheer convenience," said John Kennedy, chief security architect at Citrix Online Group. "Fortunately, access to vital information no longer requires mobile equipment that can contain massive amounts of sensitive corporate data. Today, the capacity to securely access, connect and transfer information via high speed LANs, WiFi networks and cellular modems is available from Citrix with just the click of a mouse."

Citrix Helps Reuters Transform Its Business

Well-known as the world's largest international multimedia news agency, Reuters derives a majority of its revenue from its financial services business. The agency wanted to replace the use of laptops with a simpler, more cost-effective way to securely access, connect and collaborate with experts and remote audiences interactively. "We wanted to enhance security and reduce the costs associated with laptops while providing a secure, cost-effective way to give offsite and traveling employees remote access to internal office applications," explained Dean Nebrig, vice president of sales and operations for Reuters America. "After evaluating several solutions, we selected Citrix GoToMeeting Web-based collaboration and GoToMyPC remote access services. As a result, we've changed the way we can do business, anytime, on demand, in a secure environment - and with a 30 to 40 percent increase in sales effectiveness."

According to mobile security experts at IDC, the next several years will see an increase in both the number and sophistication of attacks targeted at mobile devices. Since last year, more than 30 businesses and 750,000 individuals have been affected by data theft, reports the Privacy Rights Clearing House, a San Diego-based consumer group. Remote access software-as-a-service, such as Citrix GoToMyPC, with built-in security, offers information security managers a viable alternative to significantly transform their organization's mobile access security while enhancing worker capacity.

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