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VTB supports 150,000 customers using voice assistant

Source: VTB

Since launching in February, the VTB voice assistant has consulted more than 150,000 users of the VTB Online application, answering some 200,000 questions.

By the end of July, users of the VTB Online application were able to transfer money between their accounts using the VTB voice assistant. To use the service, customers must launch the VTB Online mobile application, say "Hello, VTB!", or click on the corresponding icon in the application and ask to transfer money to their VTB account. The service is available for retail customers.

Nikita Chugunov, Head of the Digital Business Department, Senior Vice President of VTB, said:

"Our voice assistant has more and more possibilities, including the ability to transfer money by phone and top up telecommunication services accounts. Recently, we added another useful feature, transferring between accounts, as this is one of the most popular services in the application. We are developing a virtual assistant for all occasions which can not only advise the client on VTB products but also entertain them. For example, customers can already play the game “Financial Illiteracy” with an assistant. This game won’t have boring tips on how to keep a budget and why you shouldn’t write a PIN code on your bank card. On the contrary, we will ask the client to choose the wrong answer to show how such decisions will affect financial well-being. To launch the game, customers just have to say "Let's play”.

The voice assistant can advise clients on 1,300 different topics, including mortgages, cash loans, and cards, among others. It will tell the customer information about using VTB Online and about the readiness of their card. The virtual assistant will also answer questions about deposits, the bank's loyalty program, brokerage services, and VTB Mobile tariffs.

In future, the voice assistant will also help VTB Online users buy plane or train tickets, book a hotel room, book a table in a café, and buy movie tickets.

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