Blue Prism releases audit report automation package for retail banks

Source: Blue Prism

Business process automation company Blue Prism, has today announced the release of the first in a series of single process automation solutions for retail banks.

The solution automates the routine chore of fulfilling year end audit report requests from corporate and business customers. A process that until now, has been labour intensive and error prone, due to bank staff having to access several internal systems before manually transcribing the results into a suitable report format, requested by auditors.

The announcement is particularly timely since banks are currently facing one of the annual peaks in audit requests following many company year ends in March.

Alastair Bathgate, Blue Prism Managing Director, commented: "This first offering is just one example of the quick wins available for the business and IT departments alike, from our unique solutions. We are combining our software capability and vertical sector experience to deliver immediate benefits safely, and for a fixed budget." He continues: "Having proven our approach with leading UK banks, we have created a clear and straightforward package to offer to our other banking clients."

Referencing the value of the package to the IT departments in retail banks, Bathgate added: "Gartner and other commentators are encouraging IT departments to get closer to the business, yet traditional technology solutions don't always work for this type of local requirement. Our offering should enable the IT function to get rapid improvements to their business users, without impacting on strategic projects and budgets."

The solution includes the software and professional services necessary to deliver a fully working automated audit report process. An initial process definition workshop is available from Blue Prism to assess the full benefits available from automation.

Blue Prism plans to launch further modules in coming months, to cover other labour-intensive processes across customer services, from new business to account closure.

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