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UK-based fintech Darwinex secures €3 million in growth funding

Source: Darwinex

The Fintech, broker and asset management company Darwinex has raised €3 million to pursue its ambitious growth aspirations.

Leading investors in the round were Stefan Jaecklin and Pinorena Capital who were joined by Darwinex co-founders and a number of key employees in the company. Pinorena Capital, a fintech-focused investment company led by entrepreneur Illimar Mattus, has contributed with this first investment to supporting Darwinex expansion journey.

Darwinex is regulated by the FCA in the UK (Tradeslide Trading TechLimited - FRN 586466) and its latest financial figures show revenue for the financial year 2020 jumping by 72%, exceeding €4.69 million.

Darwinex has recently launched trading in over 60 futures and all US single stocks across Trader Workstation (TWS) platform, in an effort to offer a higher quality product range and access to diversified markets. Darwinex unique front-to-back Fintech solution enables successful traders and small to medium-sized hedge funds to easily convert its trading strategies into investable assets. A one-of-a-kind product that serves as a tool for successful traders to scale their income and gain access to external investor capital, everything within Darwinex robust legal and technological ecosystem.

Successful traders also get access to DarwinIA, Darwinex monthly capital allocation of up to €90 million per annum, which supports strategies with solid fundamentals for generating returns.

"We are happy to see all co-founders and Darwinex team members participating in this round along with existing significant investor Stefan Jaecklin. We are also pleased to see Pinorena Capital joining the rank of shareholders and bringing not only capital, but also experience on how to scale and grow financial firms globally. We are now ready to bring our exceptional trading and capital-raising opportunities to a much larger global audience and disrupt the asset management industry" , Darwinex co-founder and CEO, Juan Colón, said.

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