Digits launches business financial data tool

Source: Digits

Digits today announced the public launch of Digits Search. The first in a suite of business financial tools from the company, Digits Search automatically organizes a company’s financial data in real-time, making it searchable, visualizing it intuitively, and making it seamlessly accessible with instantaneous results.

For businesses today, especially small- to medium-sized growth companies, getting answers to questions like, “how much has the company spent on marketing in the last six months?” or “what is our revenue breakdown by customer?” can take hours or even days to answer because financial records are spread across various sources, including credit cards, accounting ledgers, invoices, and more. Finding information instantly and easily across these sources is like trying to surf the web without a search engine. Digits Search makes it possible for companies to search ALL of their financials immediately—in one place.

“Business owners have questions about their insurance rates, employee transactions, ongoing subscriptions, and so much more. Up until now, getting answers to those questions required a lot of digging, time, and frustration. Digits Search is able to give you answers instantly because our underlying technology is always working for you in the background,” said Jeff Seibert, co-founder of Digits.

Digits Search gives businesses instant results with digestible, holistic analyses that empower operators to confidently make decisions based on a full understanding of their financial data. Digits sits on top of companies’ QuickBooks accounts, integrates with their existing bank accounts and credit cards, and builds upon their existing accountant's work, so there is zero setup needed.

Other key features of Digits Search Include:
● Personalized Insights: Using state-of-the-art machine learning and advanced statistical analysis, Digits is able to surface the insights that matter most to each business, with no setup or configuration required. In addition, Digits is constantly learning about your business with every transaction and getting smarter, every day.
● Trend Analysis: Digits Search shows the general trends across your books, so you can narrow in on those critical areas of your business right away.
● Vendor and Customer Deep-dives: Have a question about a specific vendor or customer? Digits Search provides an entire history of everyone you do business with -- no setup needed.
● Transaction Level Details: Digits Search not only gives businesses a big picture view of their finances but also allows them to dive into each and every transaction to get a deep understanding of the when, what, who and even the why behind every line item.

● Advanced Security: Security is at the core of how we designed and built Digits. We leverage encryption everywhere, and multiple layers of advanced security to protect all of our customer’s data.

“We know from experience just how important it is to understand how and where your business is spending money; and yet, the tools available to companies up until now have been clunky, time-consuming, and fragmented,” said Wayne Chang, co-founder of Digits. “Digits Search is just the first step in our mission to give businesses complete confidence in their decision-making.”

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