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Muse updates app

Source: Muse Finance

Fintech rising star Muse Finance announces the newest release of their App to the App Store & Google Play Store.

This release brings both 60 and 90 day insights to its App which already includes a 30 day cash flow projection tool, helping
clients to manage finances efficiently.

“This is such an exciting moment for Muse - we’re experiencing traction, expansion and growth. With tripled revenue streams month over month two months in a row, the latest App release offering important insights to SMEs and our fantastic and knowledgeable team that is growing each month, Muse Finance is placing itself as a reliable provider of sustainable finance in the market.” - Ann Juliano, CEO & Founder of Muse Finance

The App, initially launched in 2019, was re-released after implementing additional key benefits improving performance for its users. The now expanded 60 & 90 day cash flow tool allows Clients to access sustainable finance directly in the App by clicking ‘Sell Invoice’. The development team also focused on optimising the performance and incorporating real time notifications to the Muse Team after a Client has completed their Onboarding process. Clients can even contact the team directly in the app to receive support and provide valuable feedback.

Not all features are new as a great deal of importance was also placed on improving existing features such as its Accounting Package and Banking Integrations to increase speed and efficiency of how data is processed. The App now integrates with 29 banks, with the ability to review and search for all banking transactions and allows users to synchronise with 8 state-of-the-art cloud-based Accounting packages, which makes up for 83% of the
addressable market.

The team has previously provided Clients with access to funds in less than 24 hours, which is 35x faster than incumbents. The latest App release provides Clients with seamless access to sustainable funds faster than before and thus, alleviating financial headaches 

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