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No code payments orchestration startup WhenThen raises $6 million in seed funding

Source: WhenThen

Today is a massive day for our remote-first team members in WhenThen. We're excited to announce that we've completed our $6M in seed funding co-led by our fantastic investors, Cavalry and Stride.VC.

What if a transaction could trigger anything, and anything could trigger a transaction?

With a collective 30 years of experience in E-commerce and FinTech, we've intimate knowledge in the value of liberating transactional data so merchants and digital platforms can leverage the status, stages and possible events of transactions to instruct complex payment flows and automate their payment ops. After the past six months of building the world's first, no-code payments ops platform, we're more confident than ever that, through democratising payments engineering know-how, we can empower any type and any size of merchant with the same payments capabilities of the world’s top sellers.

It takes a team!

Finally, this milestone belongs to the entire team at WhenThen, who bring their thoughtful, intelligent and caring selves to our young company every day so that our investors, customers, and industry peers continue to believe and trust in us.
Open roles

We have open roles across product, engineering and design. If you like the sound of what we're doing at WhenThen but don't see a position that's just right, we'd encourage you to apply anyway - we get back to everyone. Similarly, if there's a job you'd love to apply for but have some concerns over joining a startup and how it will impact work-life, please reach out - we'd be happy to discuss.

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