MeesPierson Reads licenses FormScape document management system

Source: FormScape

FormScape, Inc., the leading provider of Document Process Automation solutions, today announced that MeesPierson Reads — a provider of wealth management services for high net worth individuals — has selected Covus—A FormScape Solution.

MeesPierson plans to use Covus to automatically generate premium-branded bank statement and portfolio valuation documents in its Guernsey office in the British Channel Islands and reliably deliver them both locally and globally.

"We selected Covus because it best fit our requirements. It can take XML data from our Temenos T24 banking solution and produce highly professional portfolio valuation and bank statement documents that include graphs and tables. We will also be able to modify these documents quickly to address constantly changing requirements," says Tim Robins, software developer for MeesPierson. "Covus' enterprise-class document generation capabilities will support our planned production of 1,000, ten-page valuations and 8,000, three-page statements per quarter in our Guernsey office—and scale to generate double this amount when we start to produce these documents for our Caribbean office in May. Taking advantage of Covus' integration with IBM Websphere MQ will enable us to guarantee that documents are successfully delivered to the Carribbean. Redundant Covus servers will ensure fault tolerance. We also plan to link Covus to our existing scanning system, which captures all inbound client letters, and our document repository so we can store all of our incoming and outgoing documents. This will enable us to simplify document access and reduce costly storage requirements."

Robins adds, "After our initial implementation, we also plan to use Covus with our Internet banking platform to enable customers to access real-time, branded valuations statements via the Web. By integrating Covus with our existing solution, we will be able to automatically fax documents, rather than having to manually print them out and then fax them. And we plan to make use of Covus sorting capabilities to eliminate the need for manual collating, thereby significantly improving our productivity."

Covus is the only enterprise software solution to manage the complete ERP document lifecycle. Covus uniquely brings together pre-packaged document processes and industry best practices with inbound imaging, integrated storage, document routing, and outbound communications to substantially cut costs, improve information visibility, and ensure better control of business documents.

Says Malcolm Peden, CEO of FormScape, "Covus is designed specifically to automate the entire document lifecycle, while supporting a wide range of existing technologies the customer may have. MeesPierson is a perfect example of a customer who understands the need to generate branded output, capture inbound images, and store and retrieve outbound and inbound documents—all in a global environment. Covus will also provide MeesPierson with the opportunity to enhance its Document Process Automation on an ongoing basis by continuing to take advantage of the rich functionality within the product."

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