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InCore Bank moves into digital assets

Source: InCore Bank

Today InCore Bank, the Swiss B2B banking service provider, announced the launch of the first comprehensive crypto asset solution.

The securitization solution named CRYSP was established in cooperation with GenTwo Digital, the leading provider of modern securitization platforms for digital assets. The solution allows all asset managers, whether they are from a bank or external, to build bankable products based on crypto currencies, and then offer them to their clients in the form of actively managed certificates (AMC) without having to deal with the entire set-up.

A holistic white labeling offering
Thanks to the white label approach, asset managers and banks are able to implement and offer their crypto strategies to their clients easily and fully compliant. At the same time, AMCs enable active management of structured financial products. In line with the white label approach, banks and asset managers have the option to provide their crypto AMCs with their own fee models and distribute them under their own name. The entry into this innovative segment is made easy for the sponsors: As a pure transaction bank, InCore Bank takes care of the entire technical and regulatory implementation of the strategies and the issuance and settlement of the corresponding certificates for its clientele.

GenTwo Digital establishes and coordinates the securitization platform and calculates the value of the certificates. InCore Bank operates and represents the crypto asset solution. In parallel, the Zurich-based transaction bank acts as paying agent. The execution of trades and the custody of the assets will be done through Kraken’s leading platform. As the leader in euro volume and liquidity for crypto, clients will get access to more than 70 different assets and trading in 7 different fiat currencies.

«With CRYSP, we are thrilled to make it easier than ever before for banks and asset managers to offer investments in digital assets», said Mark Dambacher, CEO of InCore Bank AG. «The fact that we are close to issuing and trading the first certificates is a testament to the market's dynamism.»

Two asset managers have already announced they will launch investment products using the solution in the second half of 2021. The first products on CRYSP are co-created by Zurich-based DuLac Capital as well as Zug-based CV VC. The two initial crypto asset investment solutions allowing investors to enter this promising segment are: 1) a basket of the eight largest coins traded on Kraken and 2) a selection of so-called DEFI tokens.

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