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MX launches financial insights APIs

Source: MX

MX, the leader in modern connectivity and financial data enhancement, today announced the launch of new Financial Insights APIs and embeddable user interfaces, or widgets, to help developers quickly and securely connect MX-powered financial data into their current products and offerings.

These new API endpoints and embeddable widgets will enable organizations to accelerate their open finance initiatives by increasing speed-to-market for their financial wellness products — giving customers a 360-degree view of their finances, with personalized and intelligent money experiences built directly into the companies' apps and services.

“MX APIs and widgets make it easy for any company to embed financial insights and wellness tools into their current products and services,” said Brett Allred, Chief Product Officer at MX. “We’re making data-driven financial wellness tools more available and scalable than ever before by giving developers an easier and more secure way to connect financial data and help build products that power new money experiences for customers.”

The new API integrations and widgets enable companies to leverage MX-powered financial data without having to build a full, front-end solution. For example, developers can now quickly and securely integrate personalized financial insight and wellness tools as a widget alongside a mobile shopping or banking experience, without having to overhaul the current look and feel of their app or online experience.

“Widgets maximize user engagement by empowering consumers to take control of their finances proactively, with real-time financial insights and tools, all within an experience they already know and trust,” Allred said. “This removes the need for a user to navigate multiple clicks to understand their financial standing and take action. In the end, financial management is made easier and more accessible for everyone.”

Companies can also get immediate insights that identify and surface behavioral trends from customers' financial data — such as duplicate payment tracking, financial insights, spend comparisons, and savings opportunities. For end-users, this means better experiences tailored to their specific needs — all in one location. 

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