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Blockpass Partners and OpenDeFi announce KYC alliance

Source: Blockpass Partners

Blockpass and OpenDeFi are proud to announce their new partnership.

The two companies will collaborate to provide regulatory compliance, security and additional benefits to the intersection of Decentralised Finance and real-world assets - 'Open Finance'. In addition, Blockpass and OpenDeFi plan to jointly offer AMAs, giveaways, rewards and tutorials.


OpenDeFi is the Open Finance protocol by OroPocket that aims to link DeFi solutions and physical assets, providing banking opportunities such as loans, which are backed up by real-world assets. Notably, assets are held by custodians, providing a secure and trusted opportunity for individuals and institutions alike. OpenDeFi works to provide a solution which avoids hurdles such as price slippage, low liquidity and long settling times whilst simultaneously facilitating investment opportunities, cross-chain support and a decentralised solution with 100% uptime.

Blockpass is a digital identity verification provider which provides a one-click compliance gateway to financial services and other regulated industries. Through Blockpass, users can create, store, and manage a data-secure digital identity that can be used for an entire ecosystem of services, token purchases and access to regulated industries. For businesses and merchants, Blockpass is a comprehensive KYC & AML SaaS that requires no integration and no setup cost. You can set up a service in minutes, test the service for free and start verifying and on-boarding users.

"We're very excited to be working with such a groundbreaking and holistic approach to finance and banking," said Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass. "OpenDeFi and OroPocket are fully aware of the importance of regulatory compliance for the financial industry and we're honoured that they've chosen Blockpass to provide KYC and AML services. We're looking forward to working with them on developing this space and collaborating on AMAs and user rewards."

"Adoption is the key to making our lives easier. The ready-made KYC and AML screening that Blockpass specializes in is the true need for the ecosystem and OpenDeFi users. We're thrilled to have this strategic alliance with such a great team, and believe that this will enhance the reliability of the OpenDeFi ecosystem," commented Tarusha Mittal, co-founder of OpenDeFi.

Blockpass has grown significantly in size and use since its inception, both in the number and range of users and organizations it has partnered with, and the scope of its work. Blockpass continues to develop its digital identity protocol with updates and additions to improve the compliance experience. The existential need for DeFi projects to be regulatory compliant and the recent integrations have led to a surge in interest for Blockpass' On-chain KYC(TM) solution which promises to change the way blockchains enable compliance. Its recent integration with TrustSwap expands Blockpass' services to a whole new raft of businesses and solutions.

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