US retailer Harris Teeter rolls out Pay By Touch biometric payments technology

Source: Pay By Touch

Harris Teeter has a new, fast, easy and secure way to pay for groceries in Wilmington, US.

The new technology, provided by Pay By Touch, is free to shoppers and allows them to pay for groceries, receive weekly discounts, raise money for local schools and more - all with a finger scan that is linked to their financial accounts. By eliminating the need to carry a wallet or cheque book in the store, the Pay By Touch service provides customers with greater convenience, security and speed at checkout.

"Harris Teeter shoppers lead busy lives with hectic schedules," said Fred Morganthall, President of Harris Teeter. "We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions to help make their lives and shopping experiences faster and more secure. With Pay By Touch, shoppers can leave their wallets and purses behind and quickly pay for groceries with the touch of a finger."

Besides convenience, Pay By Touch provides the ultimate in security. No one - not even the store associate - sees the account number, or the payment method used to make purchases, and since fingers can't be lost or stolen, no one can access an account without a finger scan and a seven-digit number (usually a phone number). Using patented biometric technology, Pay By Touch scans tiny data points from the finger, which are converted into an algorithm, encrypted and securely stored at IBM data centres.

"Pay By Touch is already touching the nation from coast to coast with implementations in 44 states," said John Rogers, founder, chairman, and CEO of Pay By Touch. "With the summer right around the corner, we're excited to give shoppers throughout Wilmington the ultimate shopping convenience of making fast and secure purchases with the touch of a finger."

Shoppers can use Pay By Touch after a quick one-time sign-up at a special kiosk located in Harris Teeter stores, or online. Signing up is simple and consists of providing identification, a voided cheque, a VIC card, and a finger scan. The system is secure and customer information is never sold.

Once enrolled, shoppers can immediately use their finger to purchase products at participating Harris Teeter stores and at any Pay By Touch-enabled retailer in the country. To pay for goods, shoppers simply place their finger on a scanner at the cash register. The system then displays the individual's electronic wallet, which contains the payment options available to them. Current options at Harris Teeter include eCheck (a direct debit from an existing bank account). The customer's Harris Teeter's VIC card (loyalty card) can also be included in the wallet for automatic awarding of discounts and benefits.

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