Corillian touts Web banking authentication platform

Source: Corillian

Corillian Corp. (NASDAQ: CORI), the top provider of anti-fraud, online banking and online payments solutions to the financial services industry, today announced results of new performance and scalability tests for its enterprise authentication security product, Corillian Intelligent Authentication.

Corillian is already the recognized leader in online banking scalability and performance and currently supports some of the largest online banking sites in the world, including the second largest site in the U.S. with over 10 million active users on a single system. Corillian's experience in highly scalable and reliable online banking applications was instrumental in developing the industry’s most scalable FFIEC-compliant authentication solution, Corillian Intelligent Authentication.

Corillian Intelligent Authentication, which is available either integrated into Corillian's online banking services or as a stand-alone solution that can be integrated with other online banking or e-commerce systems, meets the performance and usability requirements of financial institutions of all sizes. In recent benchmark tests using widely-available, commodity server hardware, Corillian Intelligent Authentication processed nearly 400 authentication transactions per second, or approximately 34.5 million authentications a day – well beyond other industry solutions. These numbers were achieved with a minimal hardware investment and prove that Corillian Intelligent Authentication can successfully scale to protect even the largest financial institutions' online banking populations – a trait necessary in today's market of fast and reliable performance expectations. Additionally, where even more transaction throughput is required, the use of additional and/or higher performance hardware will result in even greater transaction scalability and authentication performance.

Threats posed by the continued rise in phishing attacks and other fraudulent activity in the industry have financial institutions demanding the highest level of security available. Customers using Corillian Intelligent Authentication have reported successful blocks of fraudulent users attempting to access online accounts with stolen credentials, and the application is rolling out smoothly, meeting and exceeding the acceptance requirements of the financial institutions and their online banking users. Since its inception, more than 15 leading financial institutions have selected Intelligent Authentication to meet the needs for strong, layered authentication and an easy, reliable implementation. Institutions using Intelligent Authentication have experienced the excellent performance, reliability and end user acceptance. Additionally, due to the user-friendly design, institutions have experience low call-center impact.

"Corillian's Intelligent Authentication solution has been an invaluable addition to our security program," said Eric Bangerter, director of Internet Services at UWCU. "The live implementation of the application is rolling out smoothly and the solution immediately exceeded our expectations with respect to end-user adoption. Further, with the increase and evolution of online fraud in the industry, our members feel confident and secure in the protection that we provide as a result of Intelligent Authentication."

Intelligent Authentication uses a patent-pending, multi-layered approach to authenticate online banking users. Improving on the traditional authentication mechanism of a user name and password, Intelligent Authentication examines and tracks multiple patterns of online banking behavior and various non-personal attributes of the online banking user to determine when it is necessary to block or challenge suspicious visitors. This multi-layered authentication technique is virtually transparent to the end user and results in a user-friendly, non-intrusive experience while also ensuring visitors to the Web site are legitimate. Intelligent Authentication is a "zero footprint" solution, requiring no distribution of hardware, software or tracking objects such as cookies to the end-users' computer. Intelligent Authentication's low-disruption design provides the power of behavior-based strong authentication with the simplicity and ease of use associated with user names and passwords, combining the best of both worlds - usability and security.

"Financial institutions rely on the performance of their defensive security technologies to enhance and preserve their reputation in the marketplace," said Alex Hart, president and CEO of Corillian. "With this in mind, we leveraged our extensive, real-world experience in building, hosting, and securing online banking systems for leading financial institutions to create an innovative security solution that not only meets the stringent requirements of government regulators and financial institutions charged with protecting the assets and identities of consumers, but which also maintains the usability standards that consumers expect from their online banking site. Intelligent Authentication strikes that critical balance by providing a strong online authentication solution without disrupting the convenient online experience."

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