TRM and CO-OP Network renew ATM co-branding deal

Source: TRM

TRM Corporation (NASDAQ:TRMM) announced that TRM and CO-OP Network have renewed their ATM branding partnership.

The new accord results in TRM's Access Cash ATM portfolio of nearly 5,500 machines continuing to carry the CO-OP Network logo.

"TRM's outstanding reputation for service and our track record for the highest uptime levels in the industry are important factors to the partnership with CO-OP Network," says TRM Executive Vice President Dan Tierney. "We provide CO-OP Network with leading pricing and service, and they provide us with increased ATM transaction volume and foot-traffic that translates into money in our merchants' registers."

CO-OP Network, the nation's largest credit union EFT processor and ATM Network, and TRM, one of the world's largest ATM providers, maintain an additional branding agreement that is not affected by the Access Cash accord. That agreement provides CO-OP Network with 1,000 surcharge-free ATMs located in The Pantry and Cumberland Farms along the East Coast.

"I want to commend our partners at TRM for working so diligently with CO- OP Network management," says CO-OP Network CEO Stan Hollen. "Late last year CO-OP Network began an evaluation of our ATM branding associations, and the TRM leadership quickly stepped up to begin strengthening our Access Cash portfolio."

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