Trema embeds NumeriX valuation models into TreamSuite

Source: Trema

Trema, the leading provider of treasury and asset management software, announced a strategic partnership with NumeriX, the innovator in multi-platform, cross-asset derivatives pricing and risk management software.

With version 7 of the TremaSuite, Trema has introduced breakthrough technology in the form of a Unified Instrument Management framework that provides true end to end STP processing for an ever increasing number of instruments classes, including complex derivatives and structured products.

Through a development and distribution partnership with NumeriX, Trema now provides its customers with the ability to use embedded NumeriX libraries to value the most complex and exotic IR instruments.

"NumeriX has long been recognized in the market place as best in class in the field of valuations, pricing and risk. We share the company's passion for delivering innovative solutions to the financial markets and our cross asset focus is unique. We look forward to working with NumeriX to continually expand our instrument support, utilizing its cutting edge valuation models," said Trema CEO Michele Fitzpatrick.

The TremaSuite is the only solution in the market to provide financial institutions with a single platform to support all asset classes, and the automation, consolidation, audit and accounting of all cash management, trading, funding, and investment activities - instantaneously and globally.

Up until now, when it comes to deploying new instruments, financial institutions have had to compromise between time to market and the level of automation available within their core systems. Because of the limitations of these legacy systems, financial institutions have all too often been forced to either manage complex derivatives and structured products manually, using Excel spreadsheets, or to rely solely on valuations provided by their counterparties. The lack of a single integrated management platform, for all instruments, regardless of complexity and asset class, increases operational risk and creates significant failure points in terms of risk management, valuation, auditability and control.

Not only does the TremaSuite avoid these pitfalls, but by embedding NumeriX' analytics into its core instrument management engine, Trema now provides customers with a choice of best in class valuation models for more accurate financial performance.

"With the TremaSuite, Trema has built one of the most integrated enterprise financial management platforms available in the market today. Our partnership will enhance Trema's appeal to the more demanding financial buyers, and allow NumeriX to expand in the corporate space, where treasuries are visibly getting more and more sophisticated in managing their debt and assets." said NumeriX President and Chief Operating Officer Steven R. O'Hanlon.

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