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Worldline pilots 'Pick-Go-Pay' automated checkout system in the Netherlands

Source: Worldline

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], the European market leader in payment and transactional services, is proud to announce that it has launched a pilot to develop Pick-Go-Pay, a frictionless, non-attended checkout experience in The Netherlands.

With Pick-Go-Pay, consumers will be able to enter in a shop to buy products at any time, without cashier employees inside the shop, all that, in a secure environment. The ambition of this new solution is to bring back commerce into remote areas whilst offering a frictionless and easy checkout experience.

Whilst shops are closing, villages and small town lose inhabitants and rural area commerce is not profitable, Worldline indeed wants to provide with a frictionless, non-attended checkout experience, that is adaptative and easy for all consumers.

The Pick-Go-Pay solution is integrated in the lockblox & Zuply solutions of Innovend. The pilot was launched in June in The Netherlands in the city of Nieuwendijk alongside Worldline’s partners Innovend and Fruitschuur.

Pick-Go-Pay addresses all the challenges of the customer journey:
• Compliant opt in to drive seamless payment user experience;
• CRM information;
• User detection;
• Automatic user authentication;
• Fraudster identification;
• Innovative architecture, secure and trusted authentication;
• Seamless payment: no card, no cash.

Michel Léger, EVP Global Solutions Development, TSS, Worldline said: “Through this pilot - ambitioning to develop more in a near future - Worldline intends to transform its clients’ businesses in a real corner store with an ultimate frictionless checkout experience, allowing customer enrolment for future card on file transactions.”

Sander Sciarone Director of Innovend said: “By integrating the Pick-Go-Pay app in our software, we introduce an aditional, innovative and easy way for consumers to use our smart vending solutions even more. Innovation and covenience are key in our Lockblox and Zuply solutions. The Pick-Pay-Go application fits perfectly in this experience.”

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