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Hungary's Agora Pay taps Paystrax for smart payment acceptance product


The Hungarian payment company Agora Pay has launched a new smart payment acceptance solution for the Hungarian market utilizing PAYSTRAX’s innovative payment infrastructure and diverse network of payment connections.

The solution is highly efficient, cost-effective and makes good use of PAYSTRAX’s direct VIBER and SWIFT connections to MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary, with PAYSTRAX being the first Baltic financial institution to establish such a connection.

With Agora Pay’s new smart payment acceptance solution, Hungarian merchants can now accept Visa and Mastercard card payments independent of banks, with fast delivery of payments and simple, transparent pricing. The card payments are accepted with an easy-to-use app on pocket-sized mini terminals, which are extremely convenient for micro-merchants and SMEs. Utilizing Agora Pay’s and PAYSTRAX’s unique onboarding model, new merchants are onboarded online in only 3 days on average, and do not have to pay any monthly or sign-up fees.

The new payment acceptance solution is fully PCI-DSS compliant, and with PAYSTRAX’s Principal Membership License with Mastercard and VISA, it accepts all card types and European currencies, including of course the Hungarian Forint, which is the clearing and settlement currency.

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