COESfx upgrades trading platform

Source: COESfx

A new streaming forex news feed and expanded trading features have been added to the COESfx, Inc. forex (FX) trading platform to provide retail and institutional investors with additional information and trading options.

The news enhancement allows COESfx customers to access forex news and financial information on a real-time basis directly on the platform; previously this was offered as a downloadable option. Users simply click on a headline to view the complete story.

Two system enhancements - Stop If Bid (SIB) and Stop If Offer (SIO) - are designed to assist FX investors with their trading commands in a timely fashion. SIB allows investors to put a stop on a bid when it reaches a specific price - regardless if the order is a buy or sell; similarly, SIO stops the order once the offer reaches a certain price. In addition, a new one-click feature will enable the forex trader to cancel all orders and liquidate positions immediately.

"Technology has increased the pace of doing business. With the popularity of electronic communications networks for trading forex, our customers need to have the ability to react just as quickly with their trades," said Ronald Balzano, president, COESfx. "By providing streaming FX news and allowing orders to be stopped as they choose, regardless of the side, it increases the information and control they have over their own trades."

COESfx has also added a chat window, with an 80-character capacity that can be customized using different font sizes and color-coded message status indicators.

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