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FaceTec and Onfido team on face biometrics

Source: FaceTec

FaceTec, Inc., U.S.-based provider of world-leading 3D Liveness and 3D Face Matching software for remote identity platforms, and U.K./U.S.-based Onfido, a global leader in identity verification, have announced today a partnership to combat the growing problem of digital fraud.

 "We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with Onfido, one of the world's largest and most respected digital identity platform providers, to work together to make the internet a much safer place to be our real selves," said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. "Our 3D Face Authentication software has already proven liveness for over 180,000,000 unique users on six continents, and features the strongest Level 1-5 Presentation Attack, Deepfake Detection & Camera Bypass Detection available, with no observable bias and support for all modern smart-devices and webcams. With the launch of Onfido Face Authenticate, now every month millions more users can access the most reliable and trusted face authentication AI."

One-time passwords (OTP) are inefficient, phishable, add friction, increase costs, and still don't positively identify the user. Avoiding these compromises and potential dangers, Onfido's smart, device-agnostic platform focuses on the customer experience, while providing unmatched security by utilizing the most innovative anti-spoofing technology available. For this task, Onfido chose to leverage FaceTec's advanced 3D Liveness Detection AI, which has achieved NIST/NVLAP PAD Level 1 & 2 Certification and is the only Liveness technology backed by an ongoing $100,000 Spoof Bounty Program. The technology partnership ensures, to the highest possible level of confidence, that the legitimate user is present and alive for every authentication session.

Onfido will also leverage FaceTec's 3D Face Matching technology to achieve a class-leading False Acceptance Rate of up to 1/12.8M at a less-than 1% False Reject Rate, even when operating on very low-end devices with low-resolution cameras, and in environments that plague other solutions, such as bright outdoor lighting or even complete darkness.

"Offering Onfido Face Authenticate in tandem with our biometric identity verification product, Verify, provides a more complete identity lifecycle solution for businesses," said Sarah Munro, Director of Biometrics at Onfido. "Partnering with FaceTec ensures we can go beyond just safely onboarding new users for KYC or compliance purposes, and now offer a safe and frictionless way for users to prove their identity to access their account or provide transaction authorizations within seconds, while allowing businesses to unlock new revenue opportunities for additional digital products and services."

FaceTec and Onfido, both members of the Better Identity Coalition (BIC), support the commendable initiatives for finding new solutions that not only address security and fraud concerns, but also constantly improve privacy and make it possible to offer new and better trusted services to a growing online population requiring safe access.

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