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TISAtech announces R3 as the first member of Nebula, the FinTech Development Panel

Source: TISA

TISAtech, a digital market network connecting established financial services firms with FinTechs, announces that R3, an enterprise software firm, is the first member of Nebula.

Nebula is TISAtech’s FinTech Development Panel, a network of development and infrastructure tools that FinTech’s can use to build their propositions on a free of charge basis.

R3 has an enterprise blockchain platform, Corda, that digitalises the processes and systems that firms rely on to connect and transact with each other, and has more than 400 institutions deploying, servicing and building on it.

R3’s involvement with Nebula is part of TISAtech’s incubator network which offers new players in the FinTech world support and help to develop their business model by making valuable connections with firms that can offer their development expertise.

While use of Nebula is free of charge, if the FinTech becomes successful in its campaign and starts to generate revenue, it can then purchase the necessary licences at discounted rate.

More generally, TISAtech creates a low risk, low cost, low carbon engagement strategy with a high-profile upside at a fraction of the cost of a typical industry event presence for FinTechs. They have access to personalised advice and support, monthly platform insights on institutional interest, receive monthly trends updates from TISA initiatives, and will be automatically invited to tech sprints relevant to their domain and to industry events.

Gary Bond, CEO, TISAtech said: “We are really pleased to welcome R3 to Nebula as our founding member. R3 will make sure that the FinTechs using TISAtech have access to the services, support and guidance they need to build business networks. The FinTech industry needs initiatives like this now more than ever to help them grow and make their mark in booming sector.”

Ivar Wiersma, Head of R3 Venture Development said: “We are extremely pleased to have partnered with TISAtech and join their new incubator panel, Nebula. Our ecosystem of over 400 participants is the perfect complement to TISAtech’s partner network of enterprise customers, technology companies, corporates, start-up mentors and investors. R3 welcomes such collaboration to help blockchain and data start-ups validate their ideas, get production ready and accelerate their Go-To-Market strategy with customers.”

TISAtech was launched by The Investing and Saving Alliance earlier this year to help FinTechs be discovered, stand out, accelerate engagement and monitor prospect interest during this period when usual routes to market, such as events and conferences, have been restricted due to the pandemic. The initiative catalyses corporate and FinTech engagement, building technology focussed communities and accelerating innovation through direct industry promotion and structured engagement.

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