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VTB uses AI at situation centre

Source: VTB

VTB has expanded the capabilities of its situation center, which was created as part of a large-scale digital transformation program.

The center provides round-the-clock monitoring of the bank’s critical processes in real time with instant responses, allowing VTB to prevent emergency situations and their impact on the operation of services for customers. Following the modernization of the bank’s capabilities, IT specialists and experts working in the bank’s security and engineering will be able to work together in a single information space. By the end of the year, the center plans to implement solutions based on artificial intelligence.

The joint round-the-clock work of several departments makes it possible to improve the reliability and quality of customer services, allowing for timely identification and prevention of any abnormal situations that may arise for various reasons, from incidents in the city power supply network to hacker attacks.

Vadim Kulik, Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board of VTB, said:

"As part of its digital transformation program, VTB strives to provide customers with advanced digital services, so we are constantly increasing the number of updates to our IT products. We have reached the level of 35,000 updates per year or more than 85 updates per day. In this situation, it is especially important to maintain and increase the reliability of IT systems and services to ensure a smooth operation. The effective operation of the situation center is an important contributor to the achievement of the bank's strategic goal, which is to ensure the reliability of services at the level of 99.99%.”

Vasily Knyazev, Head of the VTB Application Systems and Services Support Department, said:

"The updated situation center allowed us to completely change our approach to monitoring the bank's IT systems. In such a division, the main thing is people, with modern technologies that allow them not only to respond to challenges but also to prevent emergency situations. We will constantly improve the work of the center and use the most up to date solutions for it. The key tasks for this year are the introduction of APM, or class systems, as well as decision support systems based on artificial intelligence.”  

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