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Pirum adds exposure analytics module to CollateralConnect package

Source: Pirum Systems

Pirum is pleased to announce the extension of its CollateralConnect platform with the launch of its Exposure Analytics module.

This new module provides enhanced visibility, workflow, and controls to help firms better monitor and manage risks within their bilateral and triparty and collateral management programme.

With this new product extension, as part of Pirum’s CollateralConnect service, firms can now monitor, in real-time, collateral appropriateness and exposure coverage across all major triparty and bilateral collateral venues. In addition to enhanced risk management, this helps firms to comply with regulatory requirements and prevent breaches under CASS (MiFID) rules along with providing risk and data aggregation data for BCBS and Basel.

Driven by client demand, this new service benefits firms by helping them more efficiently manage their collateral, resulting in reduced risk, and improved P and L. In addition, Exposure Analytics facilitates comprehensive and robust compliance controls, through the introduction of independent compliance checks that are mandated by regulators.

Todd Crowther, Head of innovation at Pirum said “Clients have been asking us for an independent overview of their exposure risk as well as analytics to understand, validate and manage their collateralised exposures with counterparts. Our new tool brings together the benefits of our real-time collateral management functionality with our advanced analytic tools, helping firms monitor and stay on top of both their day-to-day exposure risks and their compliance obligations.”

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