Comerica Bank launches anti-fraud and e-payment services for small businesses

Source: Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank today announced the successful launch of two new cash management solutions that will help small businesses minimize risk and increase payment efficiencies.

The announcement was made jointly by Margaret Bradshaw, executive vice president and national director of Small Business Banking and Daniel McCarty, senior vice president and national director of Treasury Management Services.

The new small business cash management services include a Fraud Prevention Solution and a Payment Solution. Both work hand-in-hand with select Comerica business checking accounts to help small businesses run more efficiently and profitably.

The Fraud Prevention Solution helps protect small businesses from the threat of unauthorized checking account transactions.

With the Payment Solution, small business owners and managers can make electronic payments from their business checking account, eliminating the need for paper checks.

Both solutions are accessed through Comerica Treasury Management Connect Web, Comerica's secure web-based cash management system.

"We are committed to helping small businesses succeed by providing them with effective, affordable, and time-saving tools," said Bradshaw. "Now, taking advantage of these services is as easy as walking into a Comerica banking center."

According to McCarty, the two solutions help small businesses efficiently protect and manage the funds that flow through their checking accounts.

"Our Fraud Prevention Solution enables small businesses to originate stop payments online, as well as use our web positive pay service to catch suspect payment items," said McCarty. "Our Payment Solution streamlines the payment process, and enables small businesses to quickly and easily transfer funds between accounts, originate ACH transactions, initiate domestic and international wire transfers, and make federal, state and local tax payments."

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