Moven names Rich Radice CEO

Source: Moven

With Moven now 100% focused on the B2B financial services sector, new opportunities are evolving quickly, giving Moven a unique opportunity in domestic and international markets. The company has announced several management changes to propel growth through 2021 and beyond.

Brett King, Chairman of Moven, announced that Rich Radice, has transitioned from Moven CFO to become CEO. Rich has been with Moven for almost four years and, in April 2020, supported Moven’s efforts to focus the business on an enterprise delivery channel to help financial institutions better compete with new digital-first competition. Under his leadership, Moven looks to enhance value for existing customer relationships, focus on more contemporary modes of enterprise software delivery and generate velocity of growth for the business in general.

Over the past 10 years, he has focused on providing executive leadership to various development/early-growth stage companies to enable them to evolve and mature. An accountant by trade and entrepreneur by nature, his background supports an understanding of how and where large, monolithic institutions can and should benefit from digital transformation.

Moven has made additional changes to management, particularly in product, marketing, sales and client success.

Chris Luth recently joined Moven as Head of Product. He comes from fintech nCino and before that, Capital One. Chris is a well-seasoned product professional when it comes to agile technology and fintech development and will be a key asset both internally and at the client and partner levels.

Monika Pollick has become Director of Customer Success. She previously ran marketing for Moven. She works closely with Moven clients to explore new solutions and opportunities to deliver cohesive, positive experiences for their customers. She also works with new partners and resellers to build positive feedback loops that drive new product development.

Timothy White has joined Moven as a Fintech Sales Consultant. Tim will be the tip of the spear in new business engagement as well as pursuing new opportunities to expand and deepen the value proposition of financial wellness solutions for banks and fintech that Moven embodies.

Gregg Early was hired as Director of Market Engagement, after serving as a content and strategic communications leader with Geezeo and Jack Henry, as well as others. Gregg is building out the messaging and rebranding as Moven focuses on building out its bank-in-a-box platform as well as the company’s compelling financial wellness SDKs.

Over the past three years, the percentage of consumers opening an account with a digital bank has grown from 6% in 2017 to 18% in the second quarter of 2020. At the beginning of 2020, just 3% of U.S. consumers considered a digital bank to be their primary bank. By the end of the year, that percentage had grown nearly 400%. Challenger banks will continue to drive deposit displacement.

Moven is unique among the competition, because the company has been on both sides of the digital banking experience. It began as a pioneer in digital banking, and now provides the solutions that challenger banks need to outdistance their competition when it comes to serving their account holders financial wellness needs. 

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