Qualcomm to implement Obopay m-payments technology

Source: Obopay

Obopay, which has introduced a complete mobile payment service that will transform consumer commerce, today announced the Company is working to develop Obopay's mobile payment solution for QUALCOMM's BREW solution.

Obopay's innovative service created for BREW will be available across a wide variety of advanced handsets. With the Obopay mobile payment service, consumers can immediately and instantly get, send and spend money using their mobile handset. The account can be managed completely from the mobile handset so users can check their balances, request payments from other handset users and view their transaction history.

Obopay has also joined the BREW Developer Alliance Program at the Elite BREW Developer level. QUALCOMM's multi-tiered membership program is designed to support developers large and small throughout the entire process of creating and marketing wireless applications.

"Our relationship with QUALCOMM is a critical step in our efforts to transform consumer commerce from an idea into reality - making the mobile handset the central instrument to get, send and spend money," said Carol Realini, CEO of Obopay. "Joining the BREW Developer Alliance Program at the prestigious 'Elite' level will give us extensive resources and critical insights into the distribution and enhancement of our services for operators and their subscribers around the world."

"Obopay's idea of a peer-to-peer mobile payment service that can be managed completely on the phone along with instant, up-to-date account information demonstrates great vision," said Tom Grieco, senior director of developer relations for QUALCOMM Internet Services. "We look forward to working with Obopay to drive usage and innovation in the realm of mobile payment services."

The BREW solution drives the discovery and delivery of wireless data services. BREW customers can benefit from several offerings which include: uiOne for rich, integrated and dynamic user experiences with fast access to high revenue services on wireless devices; deliveryOne for differentiated and tightly integrated, operator managed support and delivery of advanced wireless data content and services; and marketOne for a quick- to-market, hosted, scalable content delivery service that includes media titles, flexible management and monetization, content provider settlement and business intelligence services. QUALCOMM offers this comprehensive set of BREW offerings to meet the distinct needs of companies delivering mobile products and services around the world.

Obopay will bring to market the first complete mobile payment service in the U.S. Obopay's intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application will work on any mobile phone and is the most convenient way for consumers to get, send and spend money instantly.

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