Mondas reports new Radica Caps contract

Source: Mondas

Financial Markets software specialist, Mondas PLC, announces that it has delivered the latest version of its flagship product Radica CAPS to one of its global asset management clients for immediate implementation in what is believed to be the first multi-centre Corporate Actions solution using a common database.

Radica CAPS 4, which was launched in December 2005, will enable two of the client's centres to share common event data. Legal Entity filtering ensures that each centre is only able to access its own client list and positions.
"Chinese walls" embedded into the system preserve and protect each location's client confidentiality.

Commenting, Mondas' Chief Executive Officer, Jarlath McGee, says: "We are supremely confident that Radica CAPS 4, which has already proved itself capable of comfortably handling up to 3 million transactions a month, is the truly global solution for any major international organisation involved in the wholesale and retail financial markets. To have delivered CAPS 4 for such a significant implementation so soon after its launch is further affirmation of our clients' strong belief in Radica CAPS."

Radica CAPS 4 adds significant advances to Mondas' corporate actions solution, further increasing efficiency, reducing risk, minimising cost and speeding up progress towards automation. Web-enabled modules now make the system easily accessible via the Internet. Radica CAPS 4 can be used by both retail and institutional organisations and can be easily configured to automatically handle the different transaction processes operating in countries such as Australia and the US.

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