Sun completes Aduva acquisition

Source: Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW) today announced it has completed the acquisition of Aduva.

With the completion of this transaction, Sun now owns Aduva, a leading provider of heterogeneous knowledge and analysis capabilities and technology for managing software update needs and compliance risk in the enterprise. Aduva's multi-platform services will be available for operation by individual customers behind their own firewalls, or as an automated Sun Grid Utility service. Sun will soon add update services to the many Sun Grid Utility Services it currently offers, including its basic Compute Utility, which is accessible over the Internet, Sun Grid Storage Utility and Sun Grid Developer Utility Services. Sun expects pricing and availability for the latest service feature of Sun Grid will be available within Sun's fiscal year 2007.

"The release of Sun Grid heralds a new beginning for the delivery of computing as a network service," said Stuart Wells, executive vice president, Utility Computing, at Sun Microsystems. "Going forward, we intend to expand the breadth and value of our service portfolio, beyond the computation services we've initially rolled out, to the patch management and automated update service offerings Aduva now enables for all Sun hardware and software products. Aduva allows us to fully automate complex patch management for multiple operating systems, as a service feature of Sun Grid, or managed and operated by our customers behind their firewalls and within their datacenters."

By integrating the Aduva technology, Sun will deliver active dependency patch and update services for Solaris and Linux servers with a solution that scales from individual servers, up to large scale data centers with tens of thousands of machines in complex networks. With Aduva's technology, Sun can better help enterprises automate the processes associated with patch and dependency management, easing the burden on system administrators.

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