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Mambu deploys Raisin Pension to provide for employees

Source: Mambu

Berlin-based fintechs Raisin and Mambu are collaborating to provide Mambu’s multinational team in Germany a flexible, cost-effective company pension plan.

The Raisin Pension integration at cloud banking platform provider Mambu delivers a higher employer contribution and promising return on investment, while simplifying digital administration.

Raisin’s German pension platform offers businesses in Germany an ETF-based occupational pension plan that aims to fill two gaps: first, the growing disparity between workers’ company pension and what they will actually need when they retire, and, second, the market’s too narrow range of pension options.

Fully digital, multilingual, transparent
For international companies - as many German startups are today - Raisin Pension’s bilingual setup (German and English) is a major advantage, enabling them to offer employees from other countries a pension solution without a language barrier. The Raisin Pension ETF also provides Mambu and employees with their own pension cockpits through which to track the development of their portfolio and pension entitlements within an online account. Raisin’s company pension ETF is particularly cost-efficient due to the completely digital administration, low fund costs, and a fixed annual fee without commission.

Built-in incentives for employee planning and employer generosity
With Raisin Pension's pension product, Mambu employees pay regular contributions via deferred compensation, which are invested in low-cost, broadly diversified exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Thanks to the high proportion of equities, this plan offers significantly higher potential returns than traditional policies, promising to deliver an adequate retirement pension. Contributions are secured by the employer’s mandatory contribution guarantee. The Mambu team can also flexibly structure its occupational pension contract, with employees each deciding for themselves between a conventional or sustainable ETF portfolio, as well as how much to invest in the company plan.

Mambu provides an additional incentive toward retirement planning by encouraging employees with significantly higher matching contributions than the law stipulates. An employee’s monthly pension savings rate of up to 138 euros is matched 100%. Above that, up to a maximum of 238 euros per month, Mambu matches employee contributions at 50%, though only 15% is required by law. This pays off long term: at maturity, employees can choose - between a lifelong pension at conditions already guaranteed today and a partial or complete payout of the accumulated assets. Even if employees leave the company, they retain an irrevocable claim to their insurance benefit.

Dr. Alexander Kihm, Head of Pension Products at Raisin, says: "The German pension system, which is in need of reform, is hungry for smart retirement investment options. Employers need to provide their employees with an adequately funded pension and Mambu, as a fast-growing fintech, is pioneering the use of our company pension product. This means taking responsibility for its team by providing a convincing retirement plan within the company - a real role model for other employers."

Alexander Kihm
Tim Strunk, VP Global Finance at Mambu, explains, "Raisin Pension's company pension plan enables us to provide each of our employees in Germany with a contemporary and profitable retirement plan and, in so doing, helps us with employee retention as well. The completely digital, ETF-based pension plan fits in with our corporate philosophy and remains with employees long term, even if they do change careers. As an employer, it is particularly important for us to think about all perspectives in our pension solution."

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