Parlano teams with Nokia for mobile IM service

Source: Parlano

Parlano, Inc., a leading provider of persistent group messaging solutions, today announced an agreement with Nokia to license its Intellisync wireless messaging software to build a mobile version of Parlano's MindAlign for use with RIM, Microsoft mobile and Palm devices.

The collaboration creates the Enterprise IM industry's first mobile persistent group messaging client. MindAlign Mobile, with expected customer delivery in Q2 2006, will leverage popular mobile platforms and networks to enable MindAlign users to be out of the office and still participate in individual and group collaboration channels, receive important alerts, and filter key words or phrases, giving users complete communications access while on the go.

Key features of the new MindAlign Mobile Client include:

  • Encrypted and secured data: locally-stored, encrypted credentials allow for auto-login, and data sent over the mobile network is completely encrypted
  • Server-based filtering to ensure that users only see the information they want to see when they are mobile while reducing bandwidth requirements
  • Support for separate contact and channel lists for mobile users that are easily configurable using existing MindAlign user preference tools
  • Full support for federated messaging to external communities
  • Sophisticated presence management that routes messages to the appropriate device even if the user is signed on to both a mobile and desktop client
  • Utilization of native mobile device approaches for message notifications and alerts

"The creation of MindAlign Mobile is an exciting breakthrough for Parlano as we continue to deliver persistent group messaging solutions that our customers require to be competitive in today's 24/7 marketplace," said Parlano CTO Bob Serr. "We're thrilled to work with Nokia to give MindAlign users the added advantage of access from the road while maintaining security, presence and persistence features."

"We're excited about this collaboration with Parlano to create MindAlign Mobile," said Tom Libretto, director, product marketing from Nokia. "This is further proof that we are committed to the enterprise and able to connect people on any device and build on any platform, over any network and to any application or data source, unlike other mobility providers. Our proven messaging infrastructure, combined with the persistent group chat functionality of MindAlign, will give users the most dynamic mobile chat option available."

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