Seth Merrin joins Neuravest as chairman

Source: Neuravest

Neuravest Research, a provider of AI-driven portfolio construction solutions for institutional investors, today announced that Seth Merrin has joined the organization as the firm’s Executive Chairman.

A globally renown entrepreneur, business leader and author, Seth has launched numerous successful FinTech companies during a 35-year career, including two that profoundly changed the institutional investment industry, Merrin Financial and, most recently, Liquidnet.

“We are extremely pleased and fortunate to have our technology and business model vetted and validated by someone of Seth’s caliber of innovation and experience,” said Katz. “Seth understands the challenges institutional investors face today as they strive to differentiate themselves and deliver a unique performance advantage. His entire career has been built around the concept of removing friction in the financial markets to improve capital formation, enhance investment performance, and ultimately increase returns for both institutions and the individuals they represent.”

“What is truly exciting about Neuravest is the seven years of technology build and AI capability that has gone into its platform, which can rapidly ingest raw data, validate its predictive power, and deploy to market single strat, multi strat, correlated, and non-correlated production-ready investment strategies,” said Merrin.

“The ability to quickly discern among the massive amounts of predictive and non-predictive data provides an enormous competitive advantage that grows with every new value-added data set. The amount of data available continues to accelerate and the technology to process, learn, and analyze it for predictive qualities continues to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, you can’t really say that about human beings. We are offering these solutions to asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, endowments, and wealth managers around the globe.”

Merrin’s role within this new venture coincides with his departure from Liquidnet, the company he founded in 1999 and served as its Chairman and CEO. Under Merrin’s leadership, Liquidnet grew from a singularly focused equity block-execution platform to a global institutional trading and investing network, connecting more than 1,000 of the world’s top asset management firms across 45 financial markets and six continents. Most recently, Merrin orchestrated Liquidnet’s expansion into AI-based investment decision support, focusing on delivering actionable market intelligence and insight to fund managers worldwide. Liquidnet announced in October 2020 its plans to be acquired by TP ICAP, and Merrin stepped down as Executive Chairman on March 24, shortly after the deal closed.

Merrin founded his first company, Merrin Financial, in 1985, launching the industry's first order management, compliance, and electronic order routing systems for asset managers. Merrin also co-founded BridgeBio Pharma, a Nasdaq-traded biotech company focused on advancing transformative medicines for major genetic diseases, and Ignite Solar, the fastest-growing solar-energy provider in Africa.

In addition to his role as Executive Chairman, Merrin is also the lead investor in Neuravest and has personally committed capital to the Neuravest models.

“My investment in Neuravest is based on the belief and knowledge that sustainable, superior performance can only be accomplished through AI technology, machine learning and data,” said Merrin. “It was also born from the need to manage my assets responsibly and efficiently. I was so impressed with their technology I wanted to own the company.”

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