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Interac undertakes brand refresh

Source: Interac

Building on its equity as one of Canada’s most trusted financial brands1, Interac is connecting Canadians to important everyday experiences.

After a year filled with unpredictability, the new Interac ‘InLifeTM’ brand platform demonstrates how Canadians can live life to the fullest while staying in control by using their own money.

Technology has made it possible for Canadians to direct and shape their life experiences based on whatever means the most to them. No longer are people expected to follow an expected path to getting more out of life - the enjoyment of life is defined singularly by each Canadian. If happiness means ditching a corporate job and freelancing from home - a van that travels coast to coast - it can be done. If it means finding a vintage treasure and refinishing it to sell to a customer in need, that can be done, too. Today’s Interac technology means Canadians can access, spend, and send funds from wherever makes them the happiest in life.

“We are living through an important moment in history where people are re-examining what brings them joy: health, family, and control over life are concepts that have taken on new meaning,” said William Keliehor, Chief Commercial Officer at Interac. “Since the onset of COVID-19 in Canada our focus at Interac has been on enabling and empowering millions of different payment experiences for Canadians and supporting businesses’ and consumers’ accelerated use of digital payments. Our new brand reflects the shared experiences and seamless digital moments that allowed us to build a deeper emotional connection with Canadians.”

“After this challenging year, Canadians see themselves depicted in the new brand, creating meaningful experiences and embracing simplicities that help them get more out of life,” said Andrea Danovitch, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Brand at Interac. “Through research we heard clearly that Interac plays a pivotal role in providing financial control and confidence along the path of life. As our business evolves, the InLife platform sets the stage for the changing way that Canadians are digitally transacting. Interac wants to continue to be the intersection point for enabling these life experiences.”

Interac InLifeTM Brand Platform
The new ‘InLifeTM’ brand platform inspires Canadians to live an enriched life within their means, while focussing on a younger, tech-savvy audience. The platform is supported by an inspirational new launch campaign, tagline, and refreshed brand identity.

The integrated launch campaign, developed by agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo with media buying managed by Media Experts, features stories of individuals living an ‘Interac Life’ - a life made freer, simpler, and more enjoyable by using their own money. In ‘Van Life’, Interac tells the story of a young woman who has left her stressful life in the city for the freedom and simplicity of life on the road. We see how using Interac helps her stay in control, whether paying for a bite on the go with Interac® Debit contactless payments or getting paid for remote work with Interac e-Transfer®, a product that has experienced exponential growth since the onset of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, ‘Vintage Life’ tells the heartwarming story of a woman who refurbishes vintage finds for others and gets paid with Interac e-Transfer, another common trend amongst small businesses this year. The campaign further demonstrates how real Canadians are bringing their passions to life with Interac by collaborating with six local influencers. A range of backgrounds and interests will come together to create a content mix including a TikTok takeover compilation.

The refreshed brand identity, also developed by Zulu, humanizes and adds warmth to the payment technology brand introducing curated lifestyle imagery and a powerful tagline treatment: ‘InLife’.

“’InLife’ provides a fresh lens to view the role of Interac in the everyday lives of Canadians,” said Wain Choi, Executive Creative Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “An elevated visual identity was key to deliver on our brand promise of getting more out of life. By incorporating the name Interac into 'life’ we visually reflect this.”

The launch campaign also includes mixed-length YouTube content, social-first videos, influencer partnerships, and a TikTok takeover. The brand story will be further enlivened by a behavioural science study conducted by Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Media and partners are welcome to use the new Interac brandmark in all published materials about Interac Corp. Brand assets can be accessed by speaking with a member of the Interac media team. Please contact media@interac.ca.

Brand Evolution

2021 - Interac launches ‘InLife’ brand platform that showcases when you’re in control of your money, it’s easier to make the most out of life.

2017 - Interac launched its ‘Own your world’ brand platform that recognized the shift in payment technology and assured Canadians they could still pay with their own money however they choose to pay with secure payment solutions from Interac.

2014 - Interac launched its ‘Be in the black’ campaign to communicate the benefits of paying with your own money versus paying with credit.

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