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ABN Amro selects ten startups for future of finance acceleratior

Source: ABN Amro

Cuantix, Valyuu, RaiseGreen: you've probably never heard of these companies. But that’s all about to change.

Today, these three and seven other start-ups are kick-starting the ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator programme.

During this intensive thirteen-week programme, the start-ups will work to accelerate and strengthen their business plan. ABN AMRO employees and fintech mentors will share their knowledge and network to help the start-ups succeed. The participating start-ups will conclude the programme with a demo day where they will meet investors, customers, media and other start-up businesses.

The ten start-ups were chosen from nearly three-hundred entries received from countries around the world, including Chile, Ireland, Sweden, France and the Netherlands.
Shaking up the financial sector

In 2020, ABN AMRO entered into a three-year partnership with Techstars, a global platform for investment and innovation that aims to accelerate that innovation.

ABN AMRO aims to be a personal bank in the digital age. That's why we innovate on our own and together with partners. But we need start-ups to help us innovate just as much as they need us to help them reach the top of their business. Thanks to its partnership with Techstars, ABN AMRO can attract businesses with the potential to shake up the financial sector. Combining the revolutionary services of these entrepreneurs with ABN AMRO's expertise and reach will help us all achieve our ambitions. - Edwin van Bommel, ABN AMRO Chief Innovation Officer

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