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ABN Amro offers home energy savings check for customers

Source: ABN Amro

Want to create a personalised roadmap to improve the energy efficiency of your home, online and in only a few minutes?

The Energy Savings Check does exactly that. What's more, the roadmap also shows you which sustainability upgrade options have the highest yield for your house. ABN AMRO is launching this online service for free using the calculations of sustainability experts HomeQgo.

ABN AMRO wants to make the transition to a sustainable home and society accessible to its customers. Making the home more sustainable is what most people do not quickly study, to really dig into the topic is not exactly fun. It doesn’t have to take all day, though, thanks to the Energy Savings Check. In three minutes at most, you'll find out exactly which steps you can take to (further) improve the sustainability of your home, ranked by yield and costs. So even if you've already installed solar panels and a heat pump, the Energy Savings Check will benefit you.
Instant clarity

Homeowners (excluding communal property owners) who are curious about the possibilities for their own home will have all the information they need in one place: the roadmap displays yields, costs and possible grants. You don’t have to be an ABN AMRO client to use the free tool and it’s up to you whether you want to follow any of the recommended steps to make your house more sustainable. ABN AMRO clients can additionally request assistance from a Mortgage Adviser at the bank, for example if they would like to discuss the roadmap. And should you have any specific questions about the sustainability measures, the HomeQgo sustainability experts are happy to help.

Knowing the best options means the battle is half won, and putting your personalised roadmap into action is the logical next step. HomeQgo's independent sustainability experts can help you turn your plans into reality using their close ties with certified installers. Not only do they carry out your requests in full, they are also a fount of knowledge for all things technical. Your questions will be handled by professionals who work with sustainability every day.
Sustainable living and mortgages

Over 80% of all ABN AMRO mortgage advisers have completed the Adviser Sustainable Living course, and are putting that knowledge into practice during conversations with clients. ABN AMRO’s Jeroen Flipse explains. “Discussing sustainable living connects seamlessly to my role as a Mortgage Specialist. Clients often don't know where to start, but are always surprised when they learn about the savings and payback time.”
Making life easier for clients and advisers

It’s not surprising, then, that nowadays mortgage advisers always include sustainability advice in conversations with (prospective) homeowners. Sustainability and mortgages go hand in hand, and the bank makes things as convenient as possible for clients. Upgrades can be funded with a mortgage or with the client's own money. The Energy Savings Check's results make life easier for both parties, as the results serve as a guideline so the adviser can help clients make informed decisions.

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