Ohpen appoints Leni Boeren as chair

Source: Ohpen

Today, Ohpen announces the addition of Leni Boeren to its supervisory board. Boeren will join Leonard van Loon (NPM) and Michel Vrolijk (Amerborgh) to supervise Ohpen’s international growth as it brings its cloud-native combined savings, investment and lending platform to the market.

Boeren continues to hold non-executive board seats for, amongst others, Air France-KLM and Tata Steel Nederland.

Boeren has over 20 years of board experience, including seats on the executive board of the Amsterdam Exchanges, Euronext, the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association (DUFAS), Robeco Groep, Van Lanschot Kempen and was most recently CEO of Kempen Capital Management. In 2011, Robeco, with Boeren as its COO, became Ohpen’s first client. Boeren was instrumental in Ohpen’s initial success; working with Ohpen to coordinate the Dutch Central Bank’s approval of the use of AWS for storing financial data, and AWS’s approval for the Dutch Central Bank’s right to audit-both of which had never been done before.

Matthijs Aler, CEO of Ohpen, said, “Leni is one of the rare powerhouses of Dutch supervisory boards, and I am extremely proud to welcome her to this role. She brings a unique combination of both experience in the finance sector with a focus on technology and operations, and as an executive and supervisory board member in an international setup. Leni was the first person to take a chance on us-so we’ve seen first-hand her ability to take calculated risks, and push for innovation, whilst keeping a close eye on customer experience. We have no doubt that she will be of enormous value to Ohpen and its clients.”

On her appointment, Leni Boeren commented, “Ohpen has always been at the forefront of innovation. When I first met Ohpen 10 years ago, I knew that its truly unique cloud-based platform would be the future. Since then, we’ve seen more companies wake up to the benefits of using a cloud-native core banking provider. This change in attitudes, coupled with Ohpen’s acquisition of Davinci last year, means this is an opportune moment for Ohpen to change the industry once again with their combined cloud-native savings, investment and lending platform. I was excited to work with Ohpen all those years ago; seeing that more financial institutions are recognising the freedom that Ohpen’s platform can give them to innovate rather than maintain makes me excited about what the next decade holds.”

Ohpen plans to bolster its supervisory board in the near future by adding a fourth supervisory board member with in-depth technical knowledge and experience.

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