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VTB to implement Tarantool platform for fast processing of data

Source: VTB

To improve the speed and quality of customer services, VTB will implement the Tarantool platform in its infrastructure.

The platform for fast processing of data in RAM is developed by specialists Mail.ru Group.

VTB plans to use Tarantool's products Tarantool Data Grid and Tarantool Enterprise to store information and generate personalized offers and notifications for customers in real time. Tarantool can withstand a load of up to one million requests per second. This will speed up the work of key VTB Online services and the CRM system.

"VTB continues to introduce a large number of new products and services as part of its strategy to ensure 100% availability of financial services online, which leads to an increase in the load on IT systems. The use of domestic products and services for storing and processing data in RAM, developed in Mail.ru Group, will help VTB to maintain and increase the quality and reliability of our products and services for customers, which is a priority for VTB, " said Vladimir Dergachev, Head of the VTB Infrastructure Development Department.

Specialists Mail.ru Group will also be able to provide technical support. The educational program developed specifically for VTB will help the bank develop its own technological expertise and create a VTB competence center for working with the Tarantool platform.

"Most large companies are based on information systems developed more than ten years ago. They are not designed for modern loads. At the same time, businesses are increasingly turning to tools for digital interaction with customers, including applications, personal accounts, online services, and online stores. Tarantool creates an additional layer between corporate systems and user services, speeding up the launch of applications and reducing the cost of their maintenance, " said Ilya Letunov, head of the platform Mail.ru Cloud Solutions and Tarantool.

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