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Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank uses Abacus360 reporting tools from BearingPoint RegTech

Source: BearingPoint

The Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank (apoBank), Germany's largest cooperative primary bank, will use Abacus360 Banking Designer Tools in regulatory reporting for Short Term Exercises (STE).

Abacus360 Banking is a renowned regulatory reporting software from BearingPoint RegTech, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of Regulatory, Risk and Supervisory Technology (RegTech/RiskTech/SupTech). apoBank is the leading bank for the health care professions, providing financing and support for business start-ups and payment transactions in the health care sector.

The STE is a supplementary data collection by the European Central Bank (ECB) under which supervised institutions must provide quarterly data on credit risk, market risk, interest rate risk, profitability, or liquidity. Such data can be difficult to obtain within banks. The Designer Tools allow an easy and functional collection of the data from the Abacus360 Banking Platform.

"The complexity of reporting has increased significantly in recent years. Presumably, this trend will continue in the future. Therefore, it is important to streamline and standardize processes - where possible and reasonable - and thereby make those processes more efficient. The Abacus360 Banking Designer Tools for STEs from will significantly contribute to the streamlining and standardization of regulatory reporting processes and add real value," says David Prinz, Head of Regulatory Reporting Department, apoBank.

"We are pleased that with our long-time client apoBank, we have convinced another large bank of our powerful Abacus360 Banking Designer Tools. With our innovative solutions, we want to make the increasing efforts in regulatory reporting easier to handle for banks and thus relieve their burden so they can fully focus on their core business activities," says Ulrich Becht, Principal at BearingPoint RegTech.

About the Abacus360 Banking Designer Tools from BearingPoint RegTech
BearingPoint RegTech has developed the Calculation Designer, the Data Model Designer, and the Template Designer to help its clients meet reporting requirements such as STE. The three tools, which are fully integrated with the standard solution Abacus360 Banking, largely leverage data that users already have stored in the Abacus360 Banking database (e.g., detailed credit risk information, concentration risk information).

With the Template Designer, BearingPoint RegTech enables its clients to import the reporting forms which are provided blank by the supervisor into Abacus360 Banking as well as to define the module and menu structure for embedding these forms into the standard interface. Alternatively, users can create forms and reports manually through the interface. The Template Designer, developed by BearingPoint RegTech, uses the integrated Allocation Editor to define the form and row conditions for displaying required data. Using the Calculation Designer, users can import required/relevant and already existing data from the Abacus360 Banking standard entities or new data via additional entities created in the Data Model Designer. As the implementation is done exclusively through the Abacus360 Banking interface, BearingPoint RegTech can offer its clients all well-known functionalities of Abacus360 Banking (e.g., display of allocation conditions or drill-down of form positions).

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