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BCU signs for Glia Digital Member Service platform

Source: Glia

Glia, a leading Digital Customer Service provider, announced today that Vernon Hills, Ill.-based BCU has selected its Digital Member Service platform to enhance how it serves members in a digital-first world.

BCU has always been a technology innovator; it was one of the first credit unions to offer video banking and 65% of its membership is remote and heavily relies on digital channels. By leveraging Glia’s communications and collaboration platform, the credit union will be able to support members more easily and efficiently by meeting them where they are in the digital domain and communicating with them through whichever methods they prefer—including messaging, video banking and voice—and guiding them using CoBrowsing.

“Member service has always been one of our primary differentiators, and we recognized the need to evolve our approach to keep up with changing member preferences by extending our exceptional service into digital channels,” said Carey Price, senior vice president of digital strategy and delivery for BCU. “With Glia’s platform, we will be able to provide a more modern, convenient experience for members that still allows us to form meaningful relationships digitally. We believe this will be a major competitive advantage moving forward.”

With Glia, BCU’s members will no longer have to switch communications channels when an issue arises, saving time previously spent reauthenticating themselves and providing context around who they are and the issue at hand. Agents will be empowered to help multiple members at once while still catering to their individual needs, increasing both efficiencies and personalization.

“Digital Member Service is the future, and institutions like BCU that are investing in the technology now to modernize member interactions will be well positioned for long term success,” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of Glia. “By leveraging our Digital Member Service platform, BCU can enhance how it serves members in a digital world, boosting member loyalty while also improving efficiencies and reducing costs associated with legacy phone-based member service models. BCU has always been known as a tech leader, and we’re excited to support them in adopting a digital-first approach to member service.”

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