Diebold touts ATM marketing technology

Source: Diebold

More than 116 financial institutions across the United States and Canada have harnessed the power of Diebold's Agilis software to enhance their brands and bolster promotion of branch products at Diebold's Opteva ATMs.

A recent offer from Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) enabled customers to utilize ATM screens created by the company to communicate marketing messages and personalize greetings to ATM users.

Pat McCune, president and CEO of Community Bank, a Diebold customer located in Carmichaels, Pa., said he recognized the promotion as an opportunity to capitalize on the number of transactions its ATMs process.

"We viewed this as a mechanism to feature products and services offered by the bank," McCune said. "The Diebold Opteva ATM free marketing messages allowed us to reach out to a growing group of consumers that utilize the electronic delivery systems offered by our institution."

Diebold implemented the HTML screen program in June 2005 as a way to introduce financial institutions to its Windows-based Campaign Office software. Campaign Office allows financial institutions to personalize their ATMs with location-based options and screen messaging, segment advertising based on customer demographics and obtain detailed status reports about ATM usage.

Auto Workers Federal Credit Union, a Diebold customer located in West Mifflin, Pa., recognized the value of the promotion. Mike Pastirik, president and CEO of the credit union, said it was an opportunity to project a professional image.

"We purchased two new ATMs and in addition to the welcome screen, we had two additional screens made: one that promotes automobile loans and another that promotes home loans," Pastirik said. "The larger screen and television- like graphics are very appealing. In the future, we plan to have new screens created that will promote membership."

Customers who purchase Opteva ATMs may select two welcome screens from one of six templates, which are customized with the institution's name and logo at no charge. The free screens are available to the financial institution for the life of the ATM. Screens can be changed or enhanced and new screens can be added through purchase of Diebold's Campaign Office solution.

"Diebold always strives to offer more to its customers, and with HTML- customized screens, we can provide the most comprehensive options for screen customization," said Dave Bucci, senior vice president of Diebold's Customer Solutions Group. "This offering enhanced financial institutions' brand and provided a fresh user interface for customers."

Since its implementation, the HTML screen program has successfully helped financial institutions offer an enhanced self-service experience for consumers and provided a stronger representation of their brand. It has also assisted in generating sales of branch products. The promotion allowed customers an opportunity to test the enhanced capabilities of Opteva and Windows-based Agilis terminal software and determine what benefits it provided to their financial institution before making an investment in the solution.

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