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Curve and Plaid join forces

Source: Curve

Money problems for many people often come down to a fundamental lack of understanding.

Time and again, simple questions like, “what can I afford?” or “how am I doing financially?” are hard to answer. To help, Plaid brings people closer to their own financial picture. Innovators around the world rely on us to connect to consumer-permissioned financial data so they can offer consumers new ways of managing their money.

Today, we’re joining forces with Curve to help give people in the UK a holistic view of their money, make the most of their spending, and improve their overall financial wellbeing—particularly amid a tough economic climate for many.

Curve consolidates your entire physical wallet (debit, credit* and loyalty cards) into a single smart card and app. The only card customers need to carry—and the only PIN they need to remember—Curve offers a host of benefits, including spending notifications and categorisation, plus the ability to earn instant 1% cashback at the likes of Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco. Customers can even swap spend to a different card in the app for up to 90 days after a purchase was made.

For the first time ever on the app, Curve customers will be able to both see and spend their money in the same place. Plaid’s technology will enable Curve customers to connect their payment accounts at nearly all financial institutions in the UK, in addition to the cards they’ve linked. Curve will also provide real-time account balances for every linked credit and debit card, which will automatically be refreshed upon signing into the app. The result is a better understanding of spending habits across all accounts and cards, instant notifications after every use, and the ability to track old transactions.

As the shift to digital finance accelerates, an insightful, simple customer experience is key. Both Plaid and Curve share that understanding and are building experiences together that make Curve customers’ financial lives as easy as possible.

As André Pinto, one of Curve’s Product Managers, and who jointly steered the project to completion, said, “The Plaid team was super helpful and supportive. Plaid is a major player in the Open Banking space, which gives them the firepower to develop more products and innovate quickly and continuously. At the end of the day, we also liked each other as people, and ended up spending more time together online than we did with our own families.”

This is just the beginning of our work together. In the coming years, Plaid and Curve will continue to develop new tools that give more Curve customers more unique ways to manage and spend their money. In the meantime, download the Curve app to try these new features available in the UK today.

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