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Danske Bank enters into partnership with AltaPay to boost payment transformation

Source: Danske Bank

The partnership is the latest step in Danske Bank’s aspiration to assist its business customers in more ways than just banking.

The partnership means that Danske Bank’s business customers will soon gain access to state-of-the-art payment technology and processing, which will help merchants receive payment from their customers across Europe both online and in-store across Europe.

Acceleration of the development
As technology and alternative payment methods continue to play an increasingly critical role in every aspect of e-commerce and every point of sale, the Danske Bank Group and AltaPay are confident that the partnership will accelerate the development of smart and durable products and services.

Both companies have the vision to provide industry-leading products and services to the fast-evolving payments market in the Nordic countries and Europe, are committed to innovation and customer-focused solutions, and are thus excited about the many advantages the new partnership can offer.

“At AltaPay, we are proud to engage in such a relationship with Danske Bank. We believe in technological innovation, value-adding, data-driven processes and most of all, in providing the customer with the best payment solution - making payments less complicated for everyone. Our partnership with Danske Bank enables us to take our technology to new merchants and new markets, and thus to take less complicated payments to a higher level”, says Christian Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of AltaPay A/S.

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