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ACI Worldwide fraud management tech debuts on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Source: ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading global provider of real-time digital payment and software solutions, today announced that its ACI Fraud Management solution is now available as a fully certified private offering via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

With the certification, ACI’s solution can now be deployed quickly and directly from the Azure Marketplace, dramatically accelerating and simplifying the way customers can begin using the offering. The move comes in response to a fast-changing global fraud landscape, increasing pressure on financial institutions to adapt quickly, maximize operational efficiencies and mitigate increased risks.

ACI Fraud Management delivers enterprise fraud management capabilities, including advanced machine learning, predictive analytics and expertly defined rules, to help banks and intermediaries identify and mitigate financial fraud and help reduce the compliance burden in all forms. These include the likes of real-time payments, internet and mobile banking, onboarding threats, merchant acquiring and even internal fraud—within a single comprehensive solution.

The solution’s model generator capabilities enable business users to create and maintain their own predictive machine learning models within minutes. The offering was recently enhanced with network intelligence, empowering the financial community to collaborate, consume fraud intelligence directly from the network and build hybrid machine learning models.

“Today’s rapidly-evolving fraud environment requires organizations to act quickly. Through making ACI Fraud Management available as a fully certified private offering via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, our customers can streamline deployment and accelerate fraud prevention measures,” said Cleber Martins, global product line manager, Payments Risk Management, ACI Worldwide.

“A highly available deployment of a mission-critical solution, like real-time fraud prevention, requires diverse skills and project orchestration; and delays are usually faced because of small misalignments,” said Ciaran Chu, head of public cloud, ACI Worldwide. “Automating this deployment is also about assuring that best practices will be enforced, and success is predictable.”

Benefits of the fully certified offering via Microsoft Azure include:
Time to Value: With ease of infrastructure and network set-up, software deployment and initial configuration, ACI Fraud Management can be up and running within a few hours instead of days or weeks.

Scalability: As volumes grow, the ability to expand capacity at the touch of a button becomes a reality.

Security: Customers benefit from enhanced security compared to running in an on-premise environment.

Value-added services: Customers benefit from an increased number of value-added services as ACI’s applications and capabilities work in tandem with Microsoft’s capabilities.

Agility: Customers can create new environments whenever they want and can drop them as fast as they create them (e.g., creating User Acceptance Testing).
Compliance: All compliance requirements such as PCS/SLA can be automated.
Data Sovereignty: Cloud deployment allow customers to fulfil data sovereignty requirements.

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