Perspective Investments chooses fintech Glint Pay for gold-based business account

Source: Glint Pay

Glint Pay, the London-based fintech, has taken its first major steps into offering a gold-based corporate facility as Perspective Investments opens a business account.

Perspective Investments is a global award-winning multi-asset, multi-strategy investment manager.

Glint Pay says that upon opening an account, Perspective Investments is now the fintech’s largest corporate client. In addition, to storing capital in a Glint Pay business account, Perspective Investments will also be offering employees the opportunity to receive some or all of their salary as gold, using Glint Pay’s new peer-to-peer product, Glint It!

Glint It!, is a new P2P facility which allows customers to instantly send or receive money, including real, spendable gold and other currencies.

Glint Pay explains that it has created a bespoke product for Perspective Investments to meet the demands and needs of the investment manager and to create a diverse corporate functionality.

Jason Cozens, Founder & CEO of Glint Pay, says: “This is a huge and exciting step forward in the industry. We’ve long spoken about democratising gold as a currency for consumers, now we’re on the road to doing the same for businesses of all sizes and sectors.”

“There is clearly appetite amongst corporates to utilise the purchasing power and relative stability of gold. As global economies and markets continue to fluctuate and the outlook remains uncertain, many view gold as more than just the traditional safe haven - it's now becoming increasingly viewed as a viable and attractive option for consumers and businesses alike.”

“Upon launching our P2P product Glint It!, we could see that there was clear demand amongst consumers, but as growing numbers of corporate clients embracing the gold revolution indicates that there is considerable potential growth in this untapped market too.”

“This business account was developed through months of discussion and collaboration with Perspective Investments as we looked to tailor our offer to its specific demands and needs.”

Arno Kitts, Founder & CEO at Perspective Investments, adds: “With governments and central banks creating money to cover fiscal deficits, and with inflation higher than interest rates, the case for gold continues to strengthen. We are holding much of our capital and reserves in physical gold via our new Glint accounts. Also, we are offering our staff globally to be paid in Gold if they would prefer this”.

Perspective Investments was founded in 2008 to manage long-term wealth for the founder family and others. The Perspective Investments Unconstrained Strategy is available to qualified investors only and uses a proprietary framework to combine top-down views with bottom-up investment research to construct an investment portfolio to deliver higher returns with lower volatility and better capital preservation than conventional portfolios. Further information can be found at

Glint Pay also recently announced that it had secured an additional £2.5m in funding to support growth plans. This latest funding brings the total amount Glint Pay has secured to over £24m since launch in 2016.

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